Lotto India

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Lotto India is the popular and the first Indian online lottery with a jackpot worth at least €500,000 (around 4.21 crore) in every draw.

Lotto India started with keeping Indians in mind and this service is not new. Even they are putting their version from many years. Lottery’s process is oldest in India and Indians are pretty luck to grab big jackpot. They have won the biggest jackpots on other international lottery websites such as Mega Millions.

So Indians can take part in Lotto India and it also offers to play from countries around the world. Lotto India is easy to play. Just select six numbers and a Joker Ball to be in with a chance of becoming the next winner.

What biggest amount you can earn? You can win up to €5,000,000 means 42.07 crore in Indian currency. This amount can be won in special Bumper Draws.

Lotto India draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 05:00 PM. Entries cost just €0.50 (₹42.07) per panel and you can buy until 04:50 PM on the day of each draw.

Bumper Draw

Lotto India organises Bumper Draws from time to time to give their players to win big jackpots. Entry is not different and it costs exactly the same as a normal draw.

This Draw is announced in advance so you know when one will take place. You can take part in a similar way as a normal draw. You have to pick six main numbers from 1 to 50 and a Joker Ball between 1 and 5. The cost remains €0.50 (₹42.07) per entry.

Bumper Draws are special events and there is only one chance to win the higher jackpot. If no tickets match the full winning line in a Bumper Draw, the jackpot will revert to the standard €500,000 (₹4.21 crore) for the following draw.

It’s the largest online Indian lottery ever. Match just one ball to win the Free Bet Bonus, and match all the winning numbers for a jackpot at least three times larger than some Indian state lotteries.

Why Play the Lottery Online?

Lotto India Lottery play

Lottery system was set in different areas where people bought the tickets from a seller and played the lottery. Online service is a boon for them. Online system is pretty safe and a fair service. Websites cannot cheat with a user and it’s not about a single user. It’s about the functioning of the online site. They follow the laws and regulations of the respective government.

Online lottery service is much quicker and more convenient than buying a paper ticket from a retailer. If you want to try out your luck then you can directly play it from your home and make transactions through your debit or credit card.,

Benefits of playing lottery online:

  • Best part of playing online is the numbers you select are kept safe in your online account. You don’t need to worry about losing a ticket.
  • Every time user receives an automatic email when he wins a prize, so the user never misses a win again.
  • User can log in to your account from your phone, computer, or tablet, and you don’t need a lottery card.
  • Get your entries quickly and easily online; no more queuing for tickets at your local mom-and-pop store.

How to bet and how to play

why play Lotto India Lottery

The process is so easy. Pick 6 numbers between 1 to 50 and one Joker Ball number from 1 to 5. Complete as many entries as you like and click the ‘Add to cart’ button to complete your transaction.

Now wait for the final result. If you end up as a winner, you will get your amount directly in your account.

Learn how to play Lotto India right here, and take part in the first online lottery for the whole of India. Whether you’re located in India or elsewhere, playing couldn’t be simpler and takes seconds. Read on to find out how the lottery works, how to enter and what to expect from the Lotto India draw.

When you enter into a Lotto India draw, it will take you a maximum of two minutes. Tickets cost €0.50 and you will only need a computer, tablet or mobile that can access the internet to play online. When you buy your Lotto India tickets, follow these steps:

Select your numbers

  • Go to Lotto India page and select the ‘Play’ button.
  • Select six numbers from 1 to 50 on one of the game panels.
  • Select a Joker Ball from 1 to 5.
  • Opt for a Quick Pick to have a random set of numbers generated for you.
  • To submit more than one entry, move on to the next panel and select another set of numbers.

Select the amount 

  • Now choose thar you want to enter your numbers into a single draw, or subscribe for multiple draws in advance.
  • You can choose to subscribe for up to three months in advance.

Finish pay for your panels

  • Select ‘Add to Cart’ when you choose your numbers and entry type, then select ‘Pay’ to complete your purchase.
  • If you are a beginner, you will need to register for an account and provide payments details.
  • You’re an old user then you need to sign in to complete the checkout process.

Check Your Numbers

  • Once you finish your payment for your entries, look out for the order confirmation in your emails.

Lotto India offers a top prize of €500,000 and you can win your bet back with the Free Bet Bonus.

Maximum Jackpot: €500,000

Odds of winning the jackpot: 1 in 79,453,500

Odds of winning a Free Bet Bonus: 1 in 5

How much can you win?

Lotto India Lottery won

This table will show that what you can win when playing Lotto India:

Match Prize
6 + Joker Ball €500,000 Jackpot
2 €0.50
Joker Ball Free Bet Bonus

The draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 05:00 PM IST.

Security features

Lotto India is a secure online site for betting and lottery. Lotto India and Lotto India draws are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Their service is legal and safe. Their transaction options are also safe for Indian players.


Lotto India provides customer support 24/7 through phone, email and chat. For further information about this lottery, visit the official Lotto India website.

Lotto India FAQ 

  1. How do I choose my numbers?

It’s pretty simple. Go to Lotto India bet page and pick six numbers from 1 to 50 and one Joker Ball number from 1 to 5.

  1. When does the draw take place in India?

The draw takes place at 05:00 PM every Tuesday and Friday.

  1. How are the winning numbers generated?

The winning numbers are selected from iRNG (Insured Random Number Generator).

  1. How much does the ticket cost?

The single ticket costs €0.50 with the option to subscribe.