Lottery India

What is Lottery?

So according to definition lottery is a form of ticket in which the players draws numbers in random for prizes or reward in return. Overall in India the government outlaws lotteries while others promote it to the extent of organising a state level or national level lottery. The most common regulation that is seen all across India terms of lottery selling is that any minor shouldn’t be involved in selling lottery and occurs the vendors who are part of it should be licensed to sell the tickets.

The History of Lottery in India

It was the year of 1960s when lotteries started appearing around the world as a means of government form to make revenues without paying any taxes and this is why we can say that lottery are a sources of revenue to any country. You can find lotteries in multiple formats, the most common one is in the form of a fixed amount of cash or any goods. In the system the prize is fixed with some amount of percentage mostly 50-50 draw  of the receipts.

In recent times lotteries allow the bettors to select the numbers on it which results in the possibility of multiple winners. Since many of the lottery games held in India were run by state government which works under the federal government , but earlier private lotteries were allowed before  the time of 1967. The first ever lottery department was established by Kerala government known as Kerala State lotteries. Wherein the states like Kerala of southern India are the role models of the lottery system there were also states like Tamil Nadu who banned all kinds of lottery selling from its state.

The Lottery System in India

Lottery India

India and lotteries have this very familiar kind of bond. As for the most of the punters who are into online betting and gambling know that India is one of those countries where betting is restricted. Earlier there were complete restrictions which has changed to partial in the recent times. According to the gambling act if anyone is seen indulge in any kind of gambling activity in public can face serious penalties.

However gambling law clearly doesn’t restrict any online activity though, which is why people  most of the bettors who wants to be try their hands in the same look for online betting options. In states like Goa and Sikkim gaming wither online or offline are easy to access, seeing the things proceeding this way the central government has given all the authority to make decisions to stare affairs which now turns out to be the scenario wherein gaming is a start affair. Still because of the strict rules in states like Maharastra betting whether online or offline is considered illegal and cause serious penalties.

Is lottery legal in India?

As per the recent scenario there are in total 13 states of India wherein the government consider selling lotteries is legal. Not to forget that the particular states that we re going to mention doesn’t necessarily have to legal with online lotteries. If you are someone from here make sure that you go through the legalities. So the states among which lottery are legal are:

  • Kerala
  • Goa
  • Maharastra
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Punjab
  • West Bengal
  • Assam
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Meghalaya
  • Manipur
  • Sikkim
  • Nagaland
  • Mizoram

As earlier said that it’s not necessary that the mentioned states has clear allowance of online lottery system. So the states wherein online lottery is allowed are mentioned below:

  • Sikkim
  • Goa
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Maharastra
  • West Bengal

In India lottery is considered nothing more than a golden ticket to the jackpot. Probably this is the reason why every category of society no matter rich or poor save some part of their money to buy lottery. Somewhere down the line we all hope for life full of luxury and if not luxury at least a life with enough money for comfortable living.  Since we are talking about lottery lets s know a more about it in an elaborated form so that if you ever want to try your luck you should have some knowledge of the same. Now since you know how the whole system and how it works its is important to find out some of the basics that you need to know before buying a lottery.

Now since you have almost understood the scenario about lottery specifically In India and have also figured out whether it is legal in your state or not now, it the time to understand how and where can you find the results of your winnings. So basically we are going to provide you some of the trusted platforms wherein you can rely for the ultimate truth defining your luck in lottery. Now whenever you buy lottery in hope of winning jackpot the results are announced either online or through television in some of the government departments lottery cases. So here are some of the most searched platforms whee in you can visit and find out whether you have won or lost.

So the top brands where in you can find your results and buy lottery also are listed below.

  • Satta King
  • Lottery Sambad
  • Nagaland State Lottery
  • Sikkim State Lottery
  • Kerala State Lottery
  • West Bengal State Lottery

Satta King

Satta King is an online platforms where the results if the of the lottery tickets are announced and you can play different kind of lottery games available on it directly. You can find results of all of the lotteries across the country and can also buy tickets directly from here. This happens to be one such platforms wherein you can find each kind of goes and results presented in a chart form from all parts of the India. The site is designed in the most easiest and convenient way so that any punter who visits the site and want to check the results online can easily find options. You can find English and Hindi language for services wherein customers can comfortably understand everything.

Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad is a Kolkata based weekly lottery that is most popular in different parts of India. You can buy tickets from here online and can also access to the results of the lottery. You can find the results of all lotteries n the result section of the site and can also buy lottery tickets directly form them. They have been serving as the retailer for a long time now and thr ones who buy lotteries on regal brass must be aware of their services. This group is a part f the publication house of Kolkata Sambad who print and publish different kinds of newspapers since 1992.

Nagaland State Lottery

Nagaland State lottery is the retailer of lotteries of Nagaland. Their headquarters are in Kohima. Like any other local ticket retailers Nagaland State lottery are counted among the best retailers for not just Nagaland but for all across India. They have their official site on which they display their results of each and every time which any buyer of lottery can find easily.

Sikkim State Lottery

Sikkim State Lottery  is the most common lottery brand again popular in various parts of India. This later scheme is run by the government of Sikkim itself and therefore all the buyers of the skim generally prefer this. They results of the ticket are announced on their official site which is quite easy to navigate. This is one o the examples of the government department lotteries where the revenue generated is donated to noble cause.

Kerala State Lottery

Kerala State Lottery  is one of he lottery programmes in Kerala,  run by the Kerala State government. This happens to be the first lottery department the is regulated b the federal laws and hence is serving for many years now. This is the one and only functional lottery programme that is working cereal when all the private lottery services were banned by the cereal government. Like every other government run lottery programme they also Donte their revenue in the social cause.

West Bengal State Lottery

West Bengal State Lottery is a state lottery which is widely known as lottery Sambad. The result of West Bengal State lottery is widely known as Dhankesari. It was designed by none other than finance department of west Bengal in 19868. You can play all forms of lotteries in here and can find the result directly on the site itself or the lottery Sambad which is a part of the same venture.

All in all the above mentioned platforms are the best and the most trusted platforms for lotteries. Since we know that lottery is still illegal in parts of India which is why the states have created their own platforms wherein the interested players can directly visit and buy tear lotteries without harming any kind of conduct. So if you are planning for lottery to try your luck then definitely these can be some the best choices wherein you can start your journey from.


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